Soap Nuts

What Are Soap Nuts And Can I Eat Them?

StarAniseSoapNutsHave you been hearing about a neat little item called soap nuts but find yourself unsure what they are? Don’t worry, lot’s of folks have the same problem when it comes to these “nuts”, and some even wonder if it’s something you can eat. This article will help explain what soap nuts are and how they can be used.

At a party recently, I heard a few friends talking about an item I had never heard of before called soap nuts. Not wanting them to know I had no idea what they were talking about, I just nodded my head in agreement with them. I was tempted to ask them if it was something you can eat, but I didnít because I didnít want them to think I was stupid. Iím glad I didnít ask.

After getting home, I fired up my computer and did a Google search for the word soap nuts. Turns out they arenít edible at all. In fact, these so-called nuts arenít really nuts at all. These nuts are actually the latest craze in green cleaning for those who are concerned about the environment.

Soap nuts are actually a fruit called soapberry. This fruit produces a natural detergent called saponin. Saponin can be found in many fruits and vegetables, but soapberry has an unusually high concentration of saponin that makes it an excellent laundry cleaning agent that appeals to environmental types because it doesnít use any man-made chemicals that the green movement feels are destructive to our environment.

If youíre concerned about the environment but donít want to compromise when it comes to keeping your clothes clean, give Mother Natureís laundry detergent a try. You might be pleasantly surprised with the results. Saving the planet while doing laundry is a win for everyone. Just donít eat them. These nuts arenít made to be eaten.