Karoo alternative recovery excursions

Karoo alternative recovery excursions
alternative health

Brokentaco Alternative healing is a comprehensive method of dealing with a host of illness and ailments. Instead of just concentrating on the medical treating a medical diagnosis, option recovery targets the ‘whole self’, that consists of mind, body and spirit.


The procedure of recovery or spiritual upliftment can be as simple and easy as investing some time in the appeal and bounty of nature where the sweet smell of roses or perhaps the heat from the sun elicits a general sensation of well-being.

Academic research studies performed to measure the healing impacts of nature all concur that clean, clear air, panoramic beauty as well as the recovery capabilities of wild plants and herbs are incredible elixirs to a variety of problems.

The Karoo

An example of the perfect healing environment are readily available in the heart of South Africa. The Karoo is a semi-desert environment characterised by incredible landscapes, incredible sundowns and a lengthy history of healing.

Endowed with a natural apothecary of plants, herbs and succulents well-known for their curative capabilities, with fresh, dry air that prompted the introduction of a Victorian mental hospital to treat tuberculosis in addition to other breathing system health problems, the Karoo is renowned for its natural healing attributes.

Calming activities

Physical workout is an effective means of de-stressing. Apart from the enjoyable feelings made from the release of hormones, workout is frequently helpful ‘me-time’ in a world determined by time pressures.

The mind has the chance to clear itself of clutter and, as is so eloquently expressed by the famous United States President, JF Kennedy: “Physical fitness is not only one of the most essential keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and imaginative intellectual activity”.

Yoga, a procedure of quietening the mind in an effort to attain a state of increased awareness, is a preferred strategy of relaxing and a powerful alternate therapy. You can utilize it to minimize hypertension as well as eliminating sleeping disorders– both adverse reactions of high stress and anxiety levels.

The healing procedure is also boosted by more subtle nuances where people are motivated to review the relative security, joy and ease of life compared to those less fortunate; the mental ‘appreciation’ of all the things that enhance life.

Schedule a trip and experience the recovery efficacy of the Karoo

Experience the classic marvel of the Karoo on a spiritual health journey. Enjoy walks in beautiful natural environments, captivating glimpses into using medical plants, and limitless rest and relaxation, all created to revitalise and refresh mind, body and spirit.

Discover more about holistic healing trips to the Karoo online, and discover more about the potent restorative power of nature, experienced through health and health travel in South Africa.

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