A Guide to Spas

A Guide to Spas

day spas
by blavandmaster The term health spa can be used to describe

a multitude of company from local hair stylists to luxurious 5 star hotels can all go by the name of a medical spa. So what is a day spa anyhow? And what various spas are offered? The original medical spas started countless

years back and consisted of individuals soaking themselves in warm springs, one such popular ancient spa is the Roman Baths in the city of Bath, England. Because this time though health clubs have altered considerably. Day spas can be split into a few classifications, Day spa, Resort

Medical spa, Location Medical spa and Medical Medspa. At a Spa you would drop in for treatments such as massages, facials and other body treatments which will usually last maybe a number of hours at the most. Frequently hair and nail treatments are used which is why often spa form part of hair or nail hair salons. Some day spas focus on a particular location or operate a specific style around which their treatments are based. A Resort Spa is standard located with in a hotel complex enabling guest to take pleasure in a medspa treatment while they stay at the hotel, or in some cases you can still have a spa treatment even if you are not a hotel guest. Resort apas are considered an action up from a day apa as they often use additional services such as a dining establishment and physical fitness suite. A Location Day spa provides the total bundle. A location health spa will offer the largest choice of health club treatments as well as healthy meals, a physical fitness centre and a variety of healthy facilities and treatments. Location day spas likewise provide lodging to enable guests to remain for a spa break of complete relaxation and extravagance. In recent years the line in between destination and resort medical spas has been combining with many resort health clubs now marketing themselves as a location health spa even though they are not a true destination day spa. A Medical spa is a cross between a day medical spa and a medical clinic which typically run by a medical physician. Medical medspa tend to offer treatments for skin conditions such as damaged capillaries, inflammation and brown spots or any other conditions not generally treated by an esthetician. Medical medspas can also use treatments such as laser hair elimination, botox injections, skin peels, skin tightening up and microdermabrasion. A medical health club will have the tendency to look more like a health center rather than a standard day health club and will have more a clinical atmosphere. The terrific feature of having numerous widely varying medical spas and day spa treatments available is that there is something out there for everyone no matter what sort of treatment they need.

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