Discover The Truth About Aromatherapy

Discover The Truth About Aromatherapy

aromatherapy oilsAromatherapy is simply the use of essential oils in a skillful and controlled manner to improve the physical and emotional well being of an individual. It’s an all-natural, non-invasive method of altering a person’s mood, feelings and sensations with the help of essential oils. Aromatherapy can also be defined as the treatment and prevention of diseases using essential oils. Whichever definition you pick, aromatherapy is a type of alternative medicine that has long been practiced by the Chinese with incredible results. The field has now grown to include many disciplines. In addition to essential oils, aromatic compounds can also be used for holistic healing.

Uses of Aromatherapy

The main goal of aromatherapy is to prevent and treat disease. This is largely due to the fact that most essential oils and herbal extracts contain antibacterial and antiviral properties that can help counter disease-causing microorganisms.
Aromatherapy is also used to reduce anxiety and relieve pain. The aroma, or rich smell, of some essential oils have a big effect on the brain’s limbic system. Therefore, they can help to reduce stress and anxiety as well as relieve pain. When properly used, some essential oils can also help with short-term memory loss and relaxation.
Research has also shown that aromatherapy, and related procedures, can help reduce eczema-induced itching and hair loss.

Modes of Application

There are several ways of administering aromatherapy, including:

– Topical Application: The best example of topical application of aromatherapy oils is massage. During the procedure, the masseuse applies aromatherapy oils directly onto the patient’s body and gently massages the area to spread the oil, thereby maximizing the surface area for absorption. As the skin absorbs the aromatherapy oils, the patient can start enjoying the benefits, such as pain relief, enhanced mood and reduced stress among others. The procedure can also help to improve the tone and texture of the skin. Other topical application techniques include; therapeutic skin care, baths and compresses.

– Aerial Infusion: Aromatherapy oils can be used to make room fresheners for aerial disinfection and environmental fragrancing. When some oils are inhaled, the user’s mood can be enhanced, stress reduced and memory improved, depending on the aromatherapy oils used.

– Direct Inhalation: A mist of aromatherapy oils can be inhaled to decongest the lungs as well as to treat respiratory infections. These oils can also be inhaled for their physiological and expectoration effects.

Materials Used in Aromatherapy

i) Herbal Distillates

Popular examples of herbal distillates include; rose, chamomile and lemon balm. These are the liquids left behind after rosewater, or any other herbal extract, has been distilled. In addition to their medicinal value, herbal distillates can also be used in skin care and culinary applications.

ii) Essential Oils

These are fragrant oils obtained from plants through steam distillation. Popular examples are grapefruit and eucalyptus oils.

iii) Carrier Oils

The best example of a carrier oil is sweet almond oil. Carrier oils are typically oily plant-based triglycerides. They are used to dilute essential oils for use on the skin.

iv) Infusions

These are liquids extracted from different types of plants. A popular example of an infusion is chamomile.

When buying an aromatherapy product, be sure to read the product description to learn about the extraction method used as well as the purity of the product to ensure that it is all-natural. Getting medical advice before using aromatherapy oils for treatment of illnesses, such as asthma, is highly recommended. A great range of Aromatherapy and Essential Oils can be found online at

Nice Alternative Health photos

Nice Alternative Health photos

Take a look at these alternative health images:

Grand Canyon DEIS Aerial: South Rim
alternative health
< img alt="alternative health"src=""width="380"/ > Image by Grand Canyon NPS This photo is a view from one of the paths in the National Park Service (NPS) Preferred Alternative within the Draft Environmental Effect Statement (EIS), Special Air travel Rules Location in the Vicinity of Grand Canyon National forest (GCNP), illustrating the high quality picturesque views and majesty of GCNP. This view to the east programs the South Rim as the aircraft will fly over the canyon
The Draft EIS was established to resolve the required of the 1987 National Parks Overflights Act to offer substantial remediation of the natural peaceful and experience of Grand Canyon National Park and for security of public health and security from negative impacts associated with aircraft overflights. Through the Draft EIS, the NPS is proposing a strategy for managing helicopter and plane air travels over Grand Canyon. These flights currently bring more than 400,000 visitors above the canyon each year. Like all other uses in the park, air-tours play an essential function in visitor pleasure. But without much better, more thoughtful management air-tour air travels can hinder the pleasure of visitors on the ground. Air-tour air travels likewise influence soundscape and other park resources of Grand Canyon’s 1,902 square miles
The Draft EIS can be evaluated online at … Remarks can be submitted online at the exact same Web address( the chosen approach), or mailed to Superintendent, Grand Canyon National forest, Interest: Office of Planning and Compliance, P.O. Box 129, Grand Canyon, Arizona 86023, or offered at one of the public meetings. Remarks will be accepted through Monday, June 20, 2011. NPS Image Friday’s Flower Power Image by macropoulos This is a macro of a male flower of the Carob tree(Ceratonia siliqua), consisting just of anthers(no stigma or ovary) . Finest seen Large, On White. The Carob tree is a member of the legume household(Fabaceae), a drought-resistant( xerophytic) types belonging to the Mediterranean region, well adjusted to its climate. Carob trees may be male, female or hermaphrodite, producing the particular flowers. Female flowers produce brown leathery pods, abundant in sugar. In truth, carob pods were the most essential source of sugar before sugarcane and sugar beets became widely available, and they are still used as an organic food alternative to chocolate. It has constantly been a conventional feed for animals in numerous locations but in the past it has also offered nourishment to people, during times when other crops are limited. For example, in Crete they utilized to make bread from it, throughout the World-War-II profession.

Hotel Day Spas

Hotel Day Spas

A day spa break supplies a haven of tranquility and a time to invigorate the mind, body, and spirit. A gym, geared up with healthy beverages and snacks is a welcome reprieve from an office cubicle. Males and female both take pleasure in having tables set in restaurant design, with plant greenery to provide privacy as they loosen up after exercising. Indoor swimming pools, particularly salt water swimming pools are a desired function for numerous customers. Jacuzzis and Jacuzzis, along with Saunas, are thought about to be a ‘should have’ function for those aiming to get away from the workplace for an afternoon. Lots of health spas now offer personal dining locations for clients to delight in overtaking a pal over lunch, or as a part of a business group building day. Lunch menus provide healthy vegan and light fare. Premium salads, fish, and soups typically top the executive chef options at medical spa dining-room.

Personal pampering is exactly what medspa treatments are all about. Pampering is a way for the consumer to allow the cares of the world to melt away, as she takes in the high-end of being waited on. Medical spa menus often consist of manicures and pedicures, done with gentle strokes designed to brush away the old and give a new fresh appearance and feel to worn out hands and feet. Massage services are extremely popular. Expert massage therapists know that producing an atmosphere of relaxation is as vital as the massage itself. Private rooms are generally dimly lighted, and have comforting music playing in the background. Fragrance therapy is considered to be an important part of the overall massage experience, and patrons are encouraged to pick the aroma from the medspa menu, when making the appointment. Candle lights and fountains of trickling water complete the atmosphere. The massage menu is also extensive. The medspa break massage can be just a facial, or an overall body massage. Hot stones or other types of heat are typically used to aid in relaxing tense muscles. The massage specialist gently, yet forcefully, works the knots from specified muscles groups, while the music lulls the customer to complete relaxation.

Hotels offering medspa break menus are gaining in popularity, as the demands on adults increases. Many patrons consider health club treatments the missing link to finding the work-life balance. An afternoon, over night, or weekend at a health club enables the client to unwind and invigorate, and to prepare psychologically to go back to the fact of a hectic work-home life. Milsom Hotels offer Spa Plans based in Essex. For additional information on Essex Spa go to supply Essex Day spa and treatment spaces together with medspa bundles to fit all requirements

Model Morgan (Creative shoot)Teenage Drug Abuse Project…

Model Morgan (Creative shoot)Teenage Drug Abuse Project…

A couple of great alternative health images I found:

Model Morgan (Innovative shoot)Adolescent Substance abuse Project … Image by ©alternative health
Moon Photography by Mel Teen Drug Abuse Task Drugs Are Part of a Teen’s Everyday Life Today’s teens face more challenges and temptations than any other
generation has. More is anticipated from them in their education- their course loads are larger with more necessary curriculum. There are new drugs and kinds of drugs that are quickly and easily available. Alcohol is popular as ever and more teens are sexually active. Peer pressure is a continuous pressure and influence on their choices. Relationships with moms and dads and siblings are vitally essential and have a strong pull in decision making. Drugs play more of a role in a teen’s mindset, schooling and health than many moms and dads understand.

Drugs are becoming more and more accessible to teens everyday. is devoted to informing moms and dads about these drugs and also assisting them assist their teen by offering treatment centers and options to public education. La pilule contraceptive Image by DES Daughter Threats, Alternatives, de Henri Joyeux Des millions de Françaises prennent la pilule, une birth controlhormonale ou un traitement de la ménopause. Mais la plupart ignorent toujours comment fonctionnent ces médicaments et quels effets ils peuvent avoir sur leur corps. Des centaines d’études ont pourtant été publiées dans des revues spécialisées sur les dangers du contraceptif
chimique. Cette vérité scientifique est sciemment

cachée depuis 50 ans! Le scandale des pilules de 3e et 4e générations n’est que le premier épisode de ce qui pourrait être la plus grande déroute médicale du XXIe siècle. Saviez-vous que les hormones de synthèse sont au cancer du sein ce que l’amiante est au cancer de la plèvre? En 1975, on découvrait 7000 cas de nouveaux cancers du sein par an en France. En 2013, nous approchons des 60 000 cas, et chez des femmes de plus en plus jeunes … Cancers, AVC, thrombo-embolies, dépressions, perte de sex drive, autisme chez les enfants … de nombreux effets secondaires graves et plusieurs maladies sont impliquées. Avec ce livre, les femmes vont enfin comprendre remark fonctionnent la birth control hormonale et le THS. Tout le monde va savoir pourquoi les autorités médicales et la plupart des médecins se taisent et continuent à prescrire des médicaments dangereux. Les femmes pourront choisir en connaissance de cause les nouvelles alternatives contraceptives, sans threat, à leur personality. La birth control du futur est en marche avec les biotechnologies écologiques! En savoir plus * ON NOUS CACHE LA VÉRITÉ SUR LA PILULE DEPUIS 50 ANS, espritsciencemetaphysiques, 17 FÉVRIER 2015. * Commentaires en ligne sur amazon.

KWD-808-II Multi-Purpose Health Device

KWD-808-II Multi-Purpose Health Device

Check out these alternative health images:

KWD-808-II Multi-Purpose Health Gadget
alternative health
Image by swanksalot
attached to acupuncture needles for some factor.

alternative health
Image by swanksalot
utilized in conjunction with the KWD-808-II Multi-Purpose Health Device

Be Healthy: Consume chocolate and shake that body!
alternative health
Image by oxmour
In the final section of the alternative health series Andrew discovers a Soviet secret and finds healthy chocolate. Get healthy, with chocolate??